Friday, January 18, 2013

The Rut and Other Thoughts

The other day my post regarding all my green projects brought lots of comments.  Both pro and con.

Christy J, Kristyn and Denise all voted for staying the course.  Green it is.  Thoughts such as 'if you come back to it always, then it is meant to be'.  Christy J even told me a story of a friend of hers who loved and wore orange so much than on her last day of teaching prior to retirement, the kids at school started a 'Wear Orange ' campaign to honour their teacher.

On the other side of the coin were Julia and Linda.   They thought perhaps it is time for a change and Linda votes to see me in bright daring new colours.

Once thing about this overdose of green - it has started me thinking about a change.  At least when I walk into the LYS in the future, I might - may - hold  a non-green colour to my chin.  It's a start.

Ann, like many of you, commented on the blog under the banner 'annymous'.  Ann said she 'hoped it worked'.  Yes it does work to comment under 'annymous'.  What it doesn't allow is for me to reply to your comment by email.  Under anonymous, the return email address is 'No Reply' and my responding email just flies off into cyber space.    Anonymous comments are also the reason that one needs to use word verification.  Curlerchick doesn't use word verification because she only accepts comments from those with an ID.  But as Ann asked - if one does not have a blog or use google - how does one establish an ID for commenting?  Does anyone have that answer?

And lastly, my Dad is not well. He has been re-admitted to hospital.  The doctors are walking a fine line between too much and not enough medication.  Without the meds, he will experience heart failure.  Too much medication - as seems to be the case at the moment -wreaks havoc on  such things as thin blood, balance, appetite and fatigue.    My sisters and I  keep saying 'Poor Dad'. 

Thanks for reading everyone and have a great weekend.


Needles said...

Brenda, please know that your dad is in my prayers.

Sandra said...

sorry to hear about your dad - know I am thinking of him and you. Finding the med balance is a tough part of the process.

pattie in Geneseo said...

Prayers your way-for Dad, Sis, and you!
Keep knitting whatever makes you happy, or makes your recipients happy!

Sigrun said...

My prayers for your dad. I enjoyed the post about breaking out of the rut. I was color draped about 30 years ago, and told what colors I should/shouldn't wear. While the winter colors do look good, I also love celery green and coral and peach, even some orange shades--so I wear them, cause when I'm happy I have to look good, right?

Crazy Knitting Fool said...

Sending prayers to your dad

Jan said...

You and your Dad are in my thoughts.