Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Is This What A Rut Looks Like ?

Often, I am teased for my affection fordevotion to, tunnel-vision focus on the colour green.  When that happens I ask myself - "Am I a woman who knows what  looks good on me, or am I stuck in a rut?"

I have always thought of that question as rhetorical.  Truly I thought the answer was found in the first half of the question.  But just now, I seem to have three knits in my basket or queue and they are all green.  I am beginning to wonder if this is what a rut looks like.

Started in the late fall, I am knitting  a green Geodesic Cardigan
From The Best Of Knitscene, it is one I have long admired.  But while I have admired the style and the finished projects on ravelry, I have to say I am not enjoying knitting the cardi.  The yarn is so fine  - in my case Berrroco Ultra Alpaca Fine - that I don't find it plays nicely with me.  Last night, however, there was a  break- through. 

I have passed the great divide for underarms and body parts.  The end is in sight - if  I squint.

Then there are the green socks I started over Christmas while sitting with dad. 
They are the Imitation Embroidery pattern from my sock book.  Easily memorized, fun to do,  but - green.

Next up, is this sweater.  Designed by my friend Patti-Ann from London Yarns, it is a DK weight pullover, with beaded trim.  My intentions are a lower neck line.  At my age a high neck line makes me resemble a turkey.

All of which got me to thinking - That's a heck of a lot of green.  Maybe this is what a rut looks like.  Maye, just maybe, it is time to throw out those colour chips from the decades old 'having my colours done' and branch out.  No time like the present.


Sandra said...

There is nothing wrong with lots of green (says the girl at whose wedding, my Dad has them play Kermit the Frog singing It's Not Easy Being Green, and everyone there understood...). Of course, there are other colours to choose from, but knitting is supposed to be enjoyed, so as long as you enjoy green, why not?

Needles said...

But if you always come back to green, that just means you are meant to knit green.

All green is good green.

Christy J said...

I think it's rather endearing when a person becomes identified with a color. I have a friend whose color preference is so obvious that her whole school had a "Wear Orange for Mrs. R...." Day on her last day of teaching. So if you love green, so be it.

Linda said...

If you're thinking of branching out, colorwise, I'm voting for you to enjoy daring new color ventures!

Yarn and Ivories said...

And then you have your profile picture... not green! I know what you mean... when you look at that UFO's and nothing appeals...? Maybe it's time for a change!

Crazy Knitting Fool said...

Life is to short so if you like it knit it!