Tuesday, January 29, 2013

One House Cleared Out. One Overstuffed.

Back home now, from a  few days of clearing out Dad's house, I wonder  how is it that my house is now overstuffed.  It seemed to me that all I said over those few days was "No Thanks."  " I don't want that."  Nonetheless, I arrived home with a van full of stuff.

One of the things I brought home are some of Dad's CDs.  A lover of music for sure, his greatest love was reserved for the Big Band/Dance music, seconded only his love for Dixie Land Jazz.   Music was played at home, 24/7 - the louder the better.  He thinks his bad hearing is a result of the bombs during the war.  However, those gigantic speakers played a role, I am sure.

Last night I created a few playlists and as I type I am listening to one I dubbed War Time.  Vera Lynn, Glenn Miller, Artie Shaw and the like.  With a few speeches by Winston Churchill and 'Ike' Eisenhower thrown in for a full dose of patriotism.  The kind of music that makes you sit up straighter.

There was a bit of knitting done - I finished Kitimat.
 It is a great hat.  Free pattern on ravelry.

Mine is knit with stash yarn.  The white yarn,  long ago, lost it's label.  The green, however, is a 100% Peruvian Wool from Diamond's Luxury Collection.

Thanks  again  to one of  Sandy B's, sister Sue's, great, yarn give-aways.

It is a fun and - most important for me over the last few days  - easy knit.  One of those pieces that looks almost as good on the wrong side as on the right side.

Perfect for the days you leave the house before your eyes are open.


Sel and Poivre said...

'Bet it feels good to be home with that job behind you! Enjoy!

Sandra said...

Great hat! And I know the feeling of a bulging house - when we moved the inlaws to a condo (which was actually quite large), the extent of her hoarding became apparent, and she expected all the kids to take "what's theirs", Rather than start an argument, my husband just packed up the truck and carted stuff home. Some, we kept. Most, we didn't.
But it's hard. I feel for you. I wish there was easy way to deal with stuff like this.

Yarn and Ivories said...

I've been thinking about what you have uncovered this weekend. Glad you can now take a time out and relax (and knit). Very cute hat!