Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

No snow storm today meant lots of knitters out for fun and  laughter.  Oh yes - and knitting.

We laughed when Ruth showed off her new sweater.
"I made it to wear when I bowl, because  the bowling alley is so cold," said Ruth.  
Someone asked - "Oh you bowl? "
"Geriatric bowling,"    deadpaned Ruth.  
Different colours, different stitiches.  A great geriatric bowling sweater, I'd say.

Lauren, so happy is she,  was full of laughter when showing off her knitting.  
"I get it now, I get it now" she said of the top-down, baby  cardigan  she is knitting.   Last week, Lauren was struggling to comprehend this, her first sweater pattern. She kept scaring herself by flipping way far forward in the pattern, epressing disbelief that it would work.  Lauren is a great vocalist so  I chastised her.  "Lauren, if you can read music, you can read that pattern."  That was all it  took.  She did it!  We knew you could, Lauren.

Wilma looks pretty happy with her latest sweater.  On the needles last Thursday, on Wilma today. 
Knit top-down, in Paton's Classic,with a great collar.
Nice addition to the winter wardrobe, Wilma, and the perfect colour for you.

We were all smiling to see 'no-longer-new'  Nan, up for  a couple of weeks of R&R at their place on the bay.
Great to see you in mid-winter, Nan.

There was especially lots of laughter when I tried on my almost-finished, thrummed hat - needles, hanging yarn and all.     I was forced to  try it on, because someone  Lauren asked " What is it?"
 Knit group and laughter - a great antidote to a grey winter's day.

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