Monday, January 9, 2012

About Goals And Computers

2012 is already 9 days old and I have yet to set knitting goals for the year.  Knitting goal-free is fine.  Many knitters do that.  But ever since 2010, my very goal-intense  year with Elizabeth Zimmermann,  I got to know the real me.  I am a knitter who does better with goals.

I stay  more focused,  learn more and grow more as a knitter. Dorky, I know, but  I like that.

But this year, no goals have come into focus. There are a few goal-like  thoughts running through my mind: Learning more about machine knitting, learning more about top-down construction, in particular learning more about designing  top down, studying the fit-to flatter series and designing more of my own knits.

Way too many ideas for one year.  Maybe the get-started step would be to set a goal of setting the goal.
 In the meantime, post Fred's red-wool sweater, I have taken up my Linen stitch scarf again.
Knit with sock yarn, it is the slowest-ever scarf.  There are probably about two weeks of knitting into this scarf already.  Including last night's 6 rows,  I have still less than three inches. How pathetic is that?
Interfering with my knitting as well as my goal-setting thoughts is my struggle to get  used to a new computer.  A few of you have emailed to tell me about troubles  accessing links in the sidebar of my blog.  I have been told that re-installation on the new system is a good idea to make them easier to access and I am in the process of doing that.    But in the meantime, if you read my blog using blogspot dot com, try reading it using  It should make accessing links better.  At least, it worked for some.
Hopefully soon, the goals will be set, the linen stitch scarf finished and my new computer a comfortable fit.  In the meantime - where can I get a good computer guru?


Sel and Poivre said...

I can't really summon a comment to your thoughtful post because I'm still in shock to read that its January 9th!! How did that happen?

Vera said...

I never thought of goals but now that you brought it up I think my goal would be to get better at making socks toe-up. I like that idea because it is so much easier to judge the how much yarn to use for one sock and still have enough for the second one. Wish me luck!
Right now I am knitting your 19 row socks ☺ but a little bit changed.

Sigrun said...

Check out the Contiguous method of top-down on Ravelry. If done right, it makes the most incredible "set-in" fitted sleeves. It's my goal to try this .