Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

Winter arrived.

As I drove to knit group today, I did think  "Any sane person would turn around and go home."  Insanity being common  amongst knitters, I drove on.  I did think I might just drop in, say hi, then head for home.  But of course the yarn fumes got to me.

Although only 6 of us braved the weather  there was knitting, snacks and fun.  Gail had a request for a pair of gardening socks.  Short-legged gardening socks to be exact.  For a friend  that can't stand  anything on her legs.  Grey was the colour choice but Gail is giving them the feminine touch with the pink stripes. 

Gail expressed our obsession perfectly when she told how immediately after her friend requested the socks, she  was 'just itching' to  head out to the yarn store.  Been there. Done that.

Sharon is gifting her daughter with a pair of un-felted, felted clogs. 
Sharon did the knitting, her daughter can do the felting.

After the slippers, Sharon too cast on for some striped socks.
 Like-minded knitters this group.

Wilma showed us the pattern for her latest sweater. 

Looks almost finished, Wilma.

At home or at knit group, snow days are great knit days.  Who knew knitting was so weather-related?

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