Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Mini Goal

Along with my goal- setting thoughts, this yarn has lately been on  my mind.
Purchased a few years back, it has been patiently waiting on my shelf.

There was love at first sight when I spotted this yarn.  A colour that others might call bilious or even puky, I loved.  The  olive greeness of it,   I saw  as  delightful and mine.  A by-the-bag-only sale, meant that despite not having  a plan, design or goal  I was 'forced' to purchase a ten-ball bag.  It has been percolating in the back of my mind since then.

Last year, I almost decided what to do with it.  When Sally Melville's book Cool Gifts, Warm Knits came out, this pattern caught my eye .
In either  vest or sweater form,  I  thought it perfect.  It did require ball #11 - but what the heck -
'in for a penny, in for a pound'.   This wonderful shade of Twilley's Freedom co-ordinated perfectly.
All 11 balls have since been resting quietly in a zippered bag.

But lately,I've been thinking that maybe Sally's sweater/vest isn't for me.  That large-ish cowl could overwhelm a short, petite person.  And it ends up inside out - a look I don't like at all.    And then there is Sally's signature,  set-in sleeves.  Set-in sleeves that aren't really.  With shoulder seams  that  sag below the shoulder bump.  Not something I like.

Then!!!   Over Christmas I saw this, Tricosa's Yes a sweatrrrrrrr.    I loved it.  The creativity.  The originality.  The surprise of contrast. I think I have my design.  Not a year-long goal  but a start.  A mini goal.  Do I finish the forever linen stitich scarf or dive into my bag of olive green.  That is my next decision.


Needles said...

Oh my goodness. I love that.

Sigrun said...

That's amazingly beautiful. But I looked on at the cost of the pattern package and would be inclined to "unvent" it myself.

Nicki said...

Do both! That's such a nice sweater. Just keep plugging away at the scarf and treat yourself with the sweater!