Monday, January 16, 2012

My Green Sweater - Renewed

Almost two years ago now, I knit Elizabeth Zimmermann's Green Sweater.  It was my 2010 Olympic project.  Interesting construction, especially the sleeves.  Knit top down with the decrease line running down the centre - on the top, not under arm side-  of the sleeve.

There had always been a bit of a bump  - a wing - as the sleeve neared the shoulder seam.

  I blocked it away but it came back.  Each time I wore the  sweater, I would furiously try to hand-press it away,   but it always came back.

With that little bump bothering me, I found I wasn't wearing 'Green' very often.   What good is a sweater on the shelf?  The wing, I was sure could be fixed and this morning, I took the plunge.  Pinning out the extra fabric from the inside,

then basting it from the inside confirmed for me that I would like the look better without the wing.   

Turning the sweater back to the right side, I worked a mattress stitch seam up the sleeve.  Beginning about half way up with a narrow seam, widening the seam as I approached the shoulder, then decreasing it sharply again in the last inch or so before the shoulder seam. What a difference.

No more 'wings'.    Of course I'd rather spend my knitting time on 'new' knits.  But sometimes re-newed works too.  De-winged, 'Green' now has a date with the ladies for lunch tomorrow. 


Sigrun said...

This sweater is on my to-do list. I'm intrigued by the construction also.

LaurieM said...

An awesome fix! Good for you.

Sel and Poivre said...

That looks great and I bet it feels great too...I always love tweaking a knit after wearing it for a while!

Deb said...

Nice Save. Definitely worth the time and effort.