Monday, January 23, 2012

Addicted To Accessories

Accessories were never  a category of knits that caused me to reach for my needles.   But lately, I seem to be addicted to them.    With my new winter coat as yet undecorated, I couldn't resist this lovely Cascade Yarn.  Called Nikki - just like our Nicki from knit group, if you don't count spelling.  And since Nicki is the reason I have a new winter coat - heck - it was meant to be.

You see Nicki has a theory about winter coats.  She thinks one should have several.  Her theory  - and I have decided to stick to it - is that when one leaves the house in the winter months, one rarely removes the coat.  Grocery shopping, running errands, taking the dog for a walk.  See what she means?  Until Nicki enlightened me with her 'many coats theory' a few years back I was a one-winter-coat woman.  No More.  I am now a coat-a-year girl. 

Using my favourite one row pattern from these creative folks but tuning it   on it's side, I knit it lengthwise.  
220 yards made me about eight feet of a gorgeous, bright, winter-blahs-dashing scarf

 - with just a few yards left to decorate the co-ordinating hat.  Yep.  There will be a hat.  Another Felted Bucket Hat coming up.  Addicted, I tell you.  Addicted.  Or maybe just avoiding those
goal- setting goals I set for myself.

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Maybe your ideal goal to avoid goal setting goals.