Friday, April 17, 2009

What Year?

I start my knit-group Thursdays by gathering 'blog fodder'. I walk around the room, taking pictures and talking to knitters about their projects.

Yesterday, once I sat down to my own knitting, Ingrid returned the favour. She asked what I was knitting.

In a deflated, dejected tone, I answered "I'm working on my Easter Topper, but Easter's over. So it's late."

"Easter 2010", laughed Ingrid. "You didn't specify what year."

Of course. She's right. It's all in the attitude. Gone were thoughts of late, overdue, goals not met, failed attempts, slow, tardy etc.etc.etc.

Now my mind was in an optimistic frame, swirling with words like - oh let's say - EARLY!!!!

And it spurred my knitting. Here's the topper now.
Down to 'below the bust' and ready for waist shaping. I have taken a break from body and am working on sleeve number one.
Based on the Tivoli Tee, which has no sleeves, I thought maybe I should see if I could make the sleeve thing work, before knitting the entire body. After all, I am aiming for a 'tee' not a cami.
Notice the nice touch of colour at the bottom of the sleeve? Meant to pick up on the colours planned for the waist shaping. At least, that 's the current vision.

And thanks to Ingrid, it will be done in lots of time. Early even.

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