Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What Did Dela- Wear? Er, I Mean Brenda

Okay. So the title is a cheezy reference to a long-ago song. Sung by Perry Como, I think - so very long ago.

But I'm certain after my two failed attempts at the Easter Topper, then a sure-to-fail attempt to finish one in time that you are all wondering what Brenda wore for Easter. Dark wool?

Well, I did skip the wool, but wore dark colours.
My Easter Topper, although progressing nicely, was far from finished. It is currently below the armhole break, but yet to reach the spring colour section.

Dark colours or not, we had a great Easter dinner at my sister's house.
The table looked lovely and the day was nice enough to bar b que. How great is that?

Christie was in charge of table decorations. Wearing the jacket I made her she arrived with a plate of homemade chocolate lollipops. Yummy.

And in true, twelve year old fashion, where you can never have too much candy, she gave each guest a bag full of chocolate Easter candies. Double Yummy.

The three hour drive meant I got lots done on my current car knitting - another pair of Mohair socks.

Knitting, chocolate, bar b que and family. That was a great Easter.

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