Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Three Trips - Three Socks

Fred and I have been on three trips lately. Each trip involved three hours of driving each way.

Late March we went to Peterborough for my 'spring break' visit with my sister. Then back to Peterborough for Easter. And last weekend, we went to London to visit some friends. Both Peterborough and London are three hours from home and that means LOTS of knitting time.

What did I accomplish in all those knitting hours? One pair - mine - of mohair socks finished, and a good start on the first of Fred's pair.

Sock number one, with just the grafting yet to be done.

Here is my answer to forgetting to pack the darning needle for the road trip. (I could have stopped knitting but what fun is that? ) Since I needed wanted the knitting needles to carry on, but couldn't graft the toe shut, I gave this sock a chocolate chimney. A few rounds of a different colour yarn so the stitches wouldn't drop, and my needles were freed up for sock number two. The grafting waited until I arrived home.

And here they are, both done.

Fred's pair are off to a good start.

Right now, this sock and the yarn for number two is resting in the glove compartment of the van waiting for the next trip. Fred's socks are longer than mine, of course. Maybe a four hour trip is needed.

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