Monday, April 6, 2009

Abi's Bolero And A Winter Re-run

Abi's Bolero is finished. Good thing too, as during last night's Sunday phone call, she asked "Grandma, have you finished my little jacket yet? The one for my communion dress?"

Kids have a way of making you feel really guilty, when you have to say " Not yet, sweetie." So it felt good to be able to say it would be sent off today. Abi's response? "YIPPEE!"

Finished -in all it's lacey glory.

With one of Grandson James' Christmas gifts to me, sewn into the neck.

An upside down shot to get perspective on the points,
which blocked out quite nicely. Sirdar Snuggly is a very soft yarn, so these points are as sharp as Snuggly will allow.

Wrapped in pink tissue paper as any gift for a cute little girl should be.

I was sent 4 balls of Sirday Snuggly with three balls of matching fun fur and told to trim out the bolero with a row or two of the fun fur. The bolero took exactly two balls of the Snuggly and I made a risky decision for a Mother-In-Law the executive decision not to put on any fun fur trim. It just seemed too much with all the lace.

The test will be two-fold. Does it fit? Does she (and her Mom) like it?

What's next on the needles. Last night, I began to wonder if I could possibly finish an Easter Topper before Good Friday - the day of our family Easter dinner. With two failed attempts, I might be seen again this year, wearing dark wool to Easter dinner. But given today's weather, dark wool might be just the thing for this winter re-run.

Looks as if we were a bit early on the patio furniture thing.

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