Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I Am Confused

Often, people have difficulty remembering what day of the week it is. But I recall one summer having difficulty remembering the month.

The summer was dark, dreary, cool and rainy. The air conditioner in the high-rise office building where I worked blasted all through that cool, wet summer. The excuse being that it was difficult to change temperature quickly in a large building. My desk faced the window and sometimes, I would look out and wonder what month it was. With the dark, grey sky and the chilly air-conditioned room, it looked and felt like November. I would laugh at myself, feeling extremely old and Allzheimer-ish not to know the month.

But I'm confused again. What month is it now? November?
No!! April. The snow on this buried patio table measured 16 inches deep this morning.

Fred had to de-summerize the snow blower to do the drive.

Yesterday was the final movie of the season at the local Cinema Club. The weather kept us home. Friends had invited us to dinner after the movie. We didn't get there either. Who would expect such snow in April?

But pursued by thoughts of spring, I decided to take a stab at completing my Easter Topper in time for Easter Dinner. Laugh now.
I have definitely, for sure, chosen the pattern. The Tivoli Tee by Grumperina. With sleeves as per this one on ravelry.

And I'm off to a good start. The yarn - well, basic yarn - is Super 10 Cotton in an off-white.

Then at some point, I want to work in all these spring colours.
I had thought to stripe the top as Tempest from Knitty. But now think I might do a tri-coloured look as per this one on ravelry. The upper portion and the sleeves will be the off- white. The middle section, which will take in all the decreases and increases for the waist shaping will be in the greens. The lower portion will be in the orange and yellows. That choice was made simply because I have more orange yarn than green and although my shape isn't what it used to be, there is still more hip than waist.

I might be confused as to what month it is; what season it is. But I am confused no longer as to what my Easter- well probably 'post' Easter Topper will look like.

And tomorrow - a big day. IF the weather clears, the Meaford knit group is off to Southampton to see that group. It should be a wonderful knitty, wooly day.

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Unknown said...

Holy snow batwoman! You got three times as much snow as we did...I guess I'll have to stop complaining now.

Love all the spring colours...way to keep your chin up and above all that snow!