Monday, April 20, 2009

A Generous Knitter

Last Thursday at knit group, Ingrid reminded me of my 'great, sweater-give-away'. She had knit a sweater and didn't like the end result. Didn't like the colour. Didn't like the style. Didn't like it enough to keep it.

Considering her options, she realized that even if she ripped and re-knit, she still would not like the colour. Smart girl that Ingrid. She thought about giving it away. Looking at the sweater, she realized 'these are Brenda's colours' and asked if I might like to have the sweater!! ?? !!

Yippee!! I now own an Ingrid original! And it fits me perfectly. Given that Ingrid is about a foot taller and several inches thinner than me, I wonder if there wasn't some subliminal message going on when she knit it. 'Make a sweater for Brenda. Make a sweater for Brenda. Make a sweater for Brenda.......

One of the things that Ingrid didn't like about the sweater was the ruffle around the neck. She had leftover wool so gave me that too, in case I wanted a different neck.
And I thought, for sure, I would. A ruffle girl, I'm not. But now that I've tried it on, I'm not so sure. It's not a neckline, I would knit for myself. But I like it.
I love the sweater. And I love generous knitters. Thank you Ingrid.


EL said...

Looks great on you. Tell Ingrid red is my favourite colour too!!!

LaurieM said...

Very nice! I think the neckline looks very va-va-voom.

Stacie said...

Yes! You are a lucky recipient. And the ruffle should stay. 8^)