Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ingrid's Way

That title sounds like a street in a new subdivision. And it may be a street you want to go down, once you hear how Ingrid creates her marvellous knits.

After seeing Ingrid's creations for a couple of years now (see the Thursdays Are For Knit Group & Survivor posts in the side bar) and then taking a close look at the sweater she gave me, I have dissected - to some degree- how she does it!!

She knits differently than most knitters I know, and I thought you might be interested in her techniques. Ingrid inspires me and as I often say about people more brilliant than I -- 'she raises me up out of the morass of mediocrity.'

I hope you might find something in Ingrid's Ways that you can use.

1. Ingrid never uses a pattern. I, too, often knit without a pattern, but it's not the same as Ingrid knitting without a pattern. For me, knitting without a pattern means that I haven't purchased a pattern. But, I do develop a pre-knitting vision, a completed-sweater vision, then do the math before I start to knit.

Ingrid on the other hand, has a starting vision. That's it. Her comments are "Maybe it will have ...." Or - "I think I might do ..." She picks up the needles and yarn and away she goes. The garment evolves as she knits. She lets the yarn speak to her. She often changes her vision mid knit. Brilliant, designer genius, I think!!

2. Ingrid knits loose. Very loose. Mostly, she uses very fine, lace weight yarn -sometimes two strands held together. But always she uses larger-than-normal needles and creates a very loose gauge. This ensures all her garments are fluid and drape well. They drape as a shawl might. This loose gauge avoids the common pitfalls of hand-knit sweaters. Too heavy. too hot. Brilliant, technical genius, I think!!

3. Ingrid seams her garments on the sewing machine!! How easy is that? Brilliant, lazy- knitter genius, I think!!

4. Ingrid knows her figure. Sometimes, she flattens her clothes against her chest and declares "I have no bosom. See, I HAVE NO BOSOM!" She also tells us she has wide hips,
but I have yet to notice that. When Ingrid knits, she knits to disguise what she sees as her 'figure flaws'. Loose gauge and loose-fitting, drapey garments. Often with a bodice seam that falls above the waist line. Brilliant, tailoring genius, I think!

5. Ingrid knits in different directions. If you look closely at Ingrid's knits, you often see the bodice knit side-to-side but the 'skirt' knit in 'normal', vertical fashion. It makes her creations interesting to look at. And allows for easy colour/stitch/yarn/gauge changes. Brilliant, designer genius, I think!

6. Ingrid accessorizes.
A fun-fur collar and made-to-match gauntlets.

I cord edging.

She often adds, bobbles, buttons, beads, I cord, crochet etc to her knitting. These accessories are the (It ain't over until the fat lady sings) 'fat lady' of Ingrid's knitting. Brilliant, fashion genius, I think!

I am thankful for your brilliance, Ingrid. I hope to knit like you some day.

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freshisle said...

Such great tips!
I love your gifted sweater, too.