Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My New Toy

I bought myself a new toy.

It is this bike from Canadian Tire. My skis are Verse skis from Slalomon. Verse stands for 'very easy recreational skiing experience'. That's me to a 'T'. When I went bike shopping and came across this bike, called a 'cruiser', I was intrigued.

Always a sucker for nostalgia, I loved it's 'bike-of-my-childhood' features. One speed - that would be as fast as I can pedal. No more, no less. No hand brakes - pedal backwards like the bike I had when I was a kid. Fenders, so the mud won't splash my butt. A big comfy seat - again thinking of the butt and handlebars that have me sitting upright and not in the rounded-shoulder hunch of speed bikes.

Bike of my childhood it might be, but I sure don't remember my heart thumping so hard when I rode my bike as a kid.
I guess I forgot that this
is no longer the body of my childhood.

And I sure don't remember staggering into the house on rubber legs after a bike ride when I was a kid. I guess I forgot that these
are no longer the legs of my childhood.

And when did the wind get so strong? And the little rises in the road so high?

If I live through this one, my next bike will have a motor.


freshisle said...

You are such a hoot!
I love the fenders. Very practical.

Unknown said...

You go girl! I know just how those legs! Take a long, hot bath with epson salts and a glass of wine, or wonders!

Sel and Poivre said...

Just keep riding and I bet your whole package feels like a kid's again in no time! BTW if I could get a new bike that is exactly the one I would get - from Canadian Tire too!