Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Frolics Of A Different Kind

While many Ontario knitters frolicked at the DKCs Knitters' Frolic in Toronto this weekend, here in Thornbury, we had frolics of a different kind. It was the 18th annual Jazz Festival

Friday night it was Jazzmania. For a $15 ticket, one can see - well, if your endurance holds out - ten jazz bands at different venues around town. Fred and I managed to take in 4. The Charlie Bell Trio with Stevie Vallance at the Loft Art Gallery ;Quattro Plus One at the library; Razzmatazz with Ernie Duff at a local restaurant and the Howlin Dog Vintage Jazz Band at the Marsh Street Centre.

We had to miss the Big Band Saturday with three Swing Bands and the Hogtown Swing Collective dance troupe and the Jazz Brunch Sunday with Peter Appleyard, due to other commitments, but did see Gospelfest on Sunday afternoon. This year's Gospelfest featured the Torchmen Quartet - and OMG they were awesome!!! Four Ontario guys that really know how to raise a roof.

With all of that jazz, accompanied by various parts of my family as house guests for the weekend, it meant little no knitting. My Easter Topper might get done in time for it's 2010 reveal.

I might call it the Easter Topper with a green-trimmed right sleeve.

Which would be true unless I wear it the other way around. Then it would be the
orange trimmed right sleeve None of which matters if it isn't finished. Time to stop frolicking and start knitting.


Unknown said...

The Jazz festival sounds like a lot of fun, and I'm sure you'll have the Easter Topper done way before 2010!

Soxophone Player said...

I sing with Don Buchanan (Quattro Plus). He is a very talented dude and a fabulous jazz composer/arranger. He is often at the keyboard, or singing Tenor when we are a cappella - but it is his Sax work than inspired my avatar.