Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What A Day This Has been

It amazes me always that a group of knitters can come together with another, totally unknown, never-met-you-before group of knitters and have such a blast.

Today, the Meaford knit group managed to escape our sixteen inches of snow for a wonderful day trip to Southampton. Of course we did know Elana and her Mom, Barb,
from their visit to Meaford last month. But for the first time, we met Patti,
and the sadly, photo-less others - Carla, Sandra, the other Sandra, Andrea and Gina.

In all, I counted 17 knitters.
Look at the lunch they served us.

What a wonderful time we had. To have a house full of people that all share the same passion (What yarn is that? Did you dye that yourself? How did you do that stitch? Where can I buy that pattern? Model that for us.) is simply a wonderful, happy, fun time.

It was a great way for Nicki to spend her birthday. What birthday did you say this is, Nicki?

Here's me, modelling Elana's Philosopher's shawl.
A beautiful piece of work in warm, wooly, Philosopher's wool. Elana is in the process of de-fringing it. She thought, with fringe, it looked too '80s'.

The highlight of the day, of course was to see Elana's antique sock machine in action.

If all goes well - no interruptions, no dropped stitches - Elana makes a sock in fifteen minutes!

Doreen tired it, and by the look of things, was quite amazed at her results.

Good food, good knitting, great knitters, a great time. Thanks Southampton knitters.


Anonymous said...

Brenda So very much enjoyed your visit to our knitting group.You are a great bunch of girls.most interesting to see what others are up to. Even met Gail who knows my cousin so we had lots to talk about.Look forward to doing it again sometime.

I sure loved your socks! They are beauties!!
Sandra R.

Anonymous said...

I second that about your cosy purple socks! Need to remember to try that sometime. Great fun meeting up with all of you in Southampton!

Gina (another Survivor fan)