Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Will It Work?

So enamoured was I by the colours in my new spring skinny scarf,
that I decided to make an Easter outfit to match.

And proud of myself I am too, that I thought of this idea while there is still enough time to maybe accomplish the goal. My usual habit would be to absolutely not remember that Easter comes in the spring until it is definitely too late to make - and sometimes even too late to buy - a new outfit. That usually makes me the only person at the Easter table dressed in dark wool. A great look for my January birthday, but so out of touch with Easter.

Again, I approached the stash and dug out all the spring colours. Then I searched for a pattern and came up with this one.

A top-down vest from Wendy Bernard's book Custom Knits. With a few 'mods' of course. After all, my name is Brenda.

Mine will be garter stitch. That decision was arrived at after trying a few inches in stockinet only to 'know' that the delightful look of a different colour every row is not nearly as beautiful in stockinet as in garter. So my top will be garter stitch.

And, I want sleeves. So I'll add those.

And, I will leave off the ribbing at the bottom. Garter stitch all the way.

And, maybe the neckline ribbing too. Perhaps exchange it for some i-cord or a rolled edge or two. My plan is to wear a cami underneath.

So other than totally changing everything about the pattern those few changes, mine will be exactly the same.

Of course this is all a crap shoot chancy thing because
A) I have no idea if the changing-colour-every-row garter stitch look will transfer well from scarf to garment.
B) I have no idea if my top will fit. My actual gauge is a little off the 'guessed-at-gauge' I used for the original stitch count.
C) I have no idea if I have enough yarn.
D) I have no idea if I will look good in this top. After all, my figure is nowhere near as tantalizing very different from the models.

Will it work? Who knows. This might just be an exercise in process, but 'there ain't no product' knitting. Or a chance to throw out use up some stash.

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Sel and Poivre said...

For a project planned well in advance of its due date I'm struck by how much wait and see will be involved!