Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thursdays Are For Knit Group And Survivor

You would never know that the countryside is a wan, mid-February, one-colour wonder when you see what knit group was up to today.

Ingrid again had an outstanding piece - another coat. The colour was such pure Lilac, that we could almost smell them.

Here is the coat, just as Ingrid presented it to us.
First, without accessories. Made with Koigu as was last week's dress and coat. The top was knit side to side and as Ingrid said, therefore difficult to judge sleeve length. Once her coat was done, she realized she would have preferred longer sleeves. Her solution? Arm warmers. Totally separate from the coat, but in matching colours.
Here she demonstrates the coat with the arm warmers. And around her neck? A piece of purple faux fur she 'had' in her dresser. Oh yes, wouldn't we all have a piece like that in our dresser. Presenting the whole ensemble -
Lovely, lovely, lovely.

And the colour feast didn't' stop with Ingrid. Sharon and her daughter attended a dyeing workshop at Lettuce Knits on Family Day. She came home with two skeins dyed in colours I would describe as wonderfully, Easter-egg bright.
A Mother-Daughter, fibre-related workshop. What a great way to spend Family Day.

With yet more cheerful colours, I give you
Poetic Pat's latest stuffed animal. Bright, bright yellow.
One-legged at the moment, but she had the second leg finished before she left. And that's a glorious sweater she's wearing. One of seven she knit in that style, she told us.

Nicki is working on a Log Cabin piece using leftover sock yarn. Such colours there too.

That's a Fleece Artist Jacket she' wearing. Sorry I didn't get the entire shot.

Bonnie teased us with the colour I'd like the sky to be - a gorgeous, deep, rich blue for her size 6 cabled sweater.

And Meghan's socks - "There are two, there are two" she said - are almost ready for the 'thumb-trick heel'.

The room was full of vibrant colours and creative genius. Is it any wonder knitters are less likely to see the grey around us?

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