Friday, February 6, 2009

Black Alpaca

Peter's black alpaca hat is was done. It was done yesterday,
but today it's not.
That's the way it is with my knitting sometimes.

It seemed to me that the lower edge - the cast on edge - didn't look 'just perfect'. It flared a bit. Of course it would, - I cast on with a larger needle. If I could possibly remember the thinking behind that decision, I am sure you would declare me brilliant. But I can't remember and all that remained of my great idea was a flared edge.

So, I snipped one little stitch and unravelled - slowly, mind you, as Alpaca sticks to itself quite nicely - the first few rows.

Today, I intend to pick up the 150 stitches and knit down. And since I am at it, I have decided to do a turned hem. It will add a little extra warmth around the ears.

All very do-able, really. I mean what knitter hasn't done such a thing to a finished hat? Okay, maybe the numbers aren't all that high. But, it IS do-able. It is just the timing that has me a bit worried. Peter arrives for the weekend in a few hours. The race is on.

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