Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thursdays Are For Knit Group And Survivor

Another grey Thursday here in Grey County and another day of bright and brilliant at knit group.

Yes, in case you've wondered, Gail actually does finish things. She came with proof today.
Three completed projects. A little sweater, a bigger sweater and some Newfie Mitts.
The little sweater is knit with Bamboo. Great colour combo, Gail.

Megan has finished her socks and loves the 'Afterthought Heel'.
I have never tried one myself, but think I might have to put that on my list. The ladies behind you seem to find that pose quite funny, Megan.

Our human knitting machine - Wilma - has almost finished a topper for her daughter.
The pattern picture shows lovely non-curling cap sleeves. But Wilma's blocked and finished sleeves are curling. She finished them according to pattern instructions which was to put a round of single crochet around the edge. She's looking for suggestions, so leave a comment if you think you have a way to prevent the sleeves from curling.

A couple of weeks ago, the other Brenda's Mohair Bolero looked like this

Today, it's almost finished. The stitch pattern at the bottom of the sleeves, shown below, also goes around the neck. It's light and warm and should be lovely with the 'little black dress'.

Nicki has an amorphous blob that she SAYS folds in half to create a vest. I think we'll need a modelled shot when that's done for sure Nicki, because it sure doesn't look like a vest.
Do you think?

And Bonnie has another anomaly. This, she says is a sweater.
That's Gail's laughing face in the background. I think she has her doubts, too. Again, modelled shots when done, please.

And poor poetic Pat. The photo of today's stuffed animal - a headless monkey -came out blurry and not fit to post. Sorry Pat.

Another fun time. And Survivor tonight. A great way to spend the day.

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