Friday, February 20, 2009

It Fits - Still

Finally, this morning, I worked up nerve to try on my wool vest that Fred so cluelessly kindly laundered for me.
It fits. I wouldn't have believed it. The olive green in the vest is Patons Classic Wool. The orange, yellow and mauve are all pure wool. The black is, at least, washable wool. The light green is a cotton. With all that wool, I never would have attempted to wash it in the machine with a normal load of laundry. But it can be done. Here's proof.


Perhaps a 'tich' smaller, but not bad.

And how about Survivor? Both ladies voted off so far have gone because of personalities, not their skills/efforts or lack thereof. I have decided that if I should ever be a player on Survivor, it would be a good idea to lay low the first little while. Fly under the radar so to speak.

Hope your weekend is yarn-filled.

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