Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Home Shopping

Look what was in the mail yesterday.
Two balls of Lana Grossa Bosco sock yarn.

Ramwools made me do it. On sale for $7.95 per ball. These two are intended for more Mohair Socks.
Mohair socks are addictive. One strand lace weight Mohair, one strand sock yarn. 48 stitches with a 3 mm needle. Easy, fast to knit and sooo warm.

The pair above, I gave Fred for Christmas and they have become his new ski socks. He claims they are warmer than any of the hot chilli's 'not-so-hot' chillis he used to wear.

Elann has some lace weight mohair on sale at a good price so I'm off to net shop some more. Aahh. The comforts of home shopping.


LaurieM said...

Thanks for the inspiration! I have a sensitive-footed son who might really enjoy these. How do they do in the wash though? We throw all our hand knit socks in the washer and hang them to dry. I don't suppose you could do the same with the mohair ones.

I notice that my superwash sock yarns that already have mohair in them shrink a bit in the wash. Not to worry, I've just started knitting the yarn up a bit bigger.

Soxophone Player said...

Is it the SuperKydd mohair/nylon you are looking at on Elann...or is there a pure mohair?

I saw Isabel knitting a pair of these. Looks like something to try.