Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Knitters' Fashion

Shalom is almost done. As I took pictures this morning, I thought it made a fashion statement of a kind that only a knitter would appreciate. 'Knitters' Fashion' it should be called.
The front. It sits very nicely around the neck and based on luck only, the bottom of the ribbing finishes at the - as EZ would say - penultimate spot on the errr, aahh, mmm, ' girls'.

The back. Lovely shaping through the yoke. Such a great design! It would make a great light-weight, cotton, summer top with short sleeves or a warmer, heavier-weight sweater with long sleeves. Very adaptable.

Look at these 'Knitters' Fashion'-making statements.
Aahh - the underarm threads. Only a knitter has them.

The front.
I ask you "Who doesn't have a stitch marker on the front of their sweater?" And "Haven't we all braved the sharp end of a needle to try on a newly-knitted garment?" Simply 'Knitters' Fashion', I say.

An emcee might say "Some unusual accessories are walking down the run-way at this
Fashion' show. Tucked into her waist, this knitter sports the remains of the still attached ball of yarn" Such a fashion statement. 'Knitters' Fashion' that is.

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Anonymous said...

Very nice Brenda. Hope I get to see it Thursday afternoon.