Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Delightful Deliveries

What better way to brighten a mid-winter's day than a couple of very delightful deliveries.

First came these.

Sent by my friend and her gang, as a thank you for last weekend's 'room & board' for their annual ski weekend. Aren't they beautiful?

And then came this.
I have long wanted Fitted Knits by Stefanie Japel, but kept resisting. I am intrigued by all top-down patterns, but put off buying this book because reports had lead me to believe that most of the patterns were for sweaters made with bulky yarn. But when I saw it on Amazon for $11 and change, I knew it was time. And the patterns are great. I am already in love with this one
and this one - with different buttons
and this one.

Mind you, I do remember having purchased 3 books in the last several months - One Skein Wonders, Custom Fits by Wendy Bernard and now Fitted Knits. And from these books, I have made - in total - a couple of one skein wonders. Period.

Obviously, I buy knitting books for reasons other than using the patterns. Dreaming. Bedtime reading. Coffee table books. Inspiration. Colour study. Whatever the reason, worth every cent.

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