Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thursdays Are For Knit Group - And SURVIVOR Starts Tonight.

Today's weather was dismal. Rain, wind, dropping temperatures that made sheets of ice out of the wet roads, then snow. My biggest concern was whether I could make it to knit group.

I sent my scout Fred to test the roads on a few errands. When he returned home and reported that the roads were clear, I grabbed my knitting bag and off I went.

Who would have wanted to miss this? Look what Ingrid was wearing today.
A hand-knit coat, atop a hand-knit dress. Both made of Koigu.

Look at that hem. Quite something isn't it?

And of course, another doll from Pat. A British 'Bobby' this time. She laid it beside me and told me I better behave today.

Marlene's wonderful cro-hooked afghan is finished.
A reversible afghan is quite a work of art.

Megan is working on a sock with an afterthought heel. A La Elizabeth Zimmermann.
The red line is the waste yarn Megan will remove when ready to put in the heel.

Wilma tried on my Shalom to get an idea of fit.
Just a few ends to tie in and it's done. More pics of Shalom tomorrow.

And because it will soon be Valentines' Day, I leave you with Nell and her "Afghan For Two". Nell's husband asked for an afghan big enough for the two of them to cuddle under while watching TV. They celebrate their 58th anniversary this year. Nothing more needs be said.

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Sel and Poivre said...

Excuse me but wasn't it just last weekend you were still finishing the alpaca hat? Now, four days later your Shalom is something someone could TRY ON? Lets not even speak of the DRESS and COAT made of Koigu! or the double wide or double side afghans!!! Do you women eat or sleep?