Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Winter Slippers! No Kidding!

Remember these? Nicki's HUGE pre-felted slipper boots from last Thursday's post?
Here they are today.
The surprise of felting never gets old for me. But holy needles Batman! This is felting with a capital 'F'.

What with our winter of frigid temperatures and power outages, wouldn't these be just the best slippers for keeping your toes toasty? Not to mention your ankles, shins and knees.

100 Mile Sock update.
Sock number two has the heel turned. One gusset to go before knit group tomorrow.

And should you wish to be warmed by things that went on in San Diego last weekend at the TNNA, take a look at Knitspot's blog. Sigh. Someday.


Anonymous said...

I'm still relatively new to felting, but those are amazing. Capital F is right!

Acorn to Oak said...

I love those slippers! I love the colors and that they look kind of boots, not to mention that they look very toasty! Where did she find the pattern?

LaurieM said...

I love the fiber trends felted clogs, and these boots look like almost the same deal except with the leg added.

I'll bet they take a lot of yarn.

Anonymous said...

Wow ! Brend; I would not know how to start up my own blog . You are so knowledgeable. Wish that I lived closer so that I could join your knitters club, but I live so far away ! Nova Scotia ! I am into making two piece sweaters for the children and adults in third world countries . They are easy to make !
Marlene and the rest of the woman seems to be enjoying themselves. If you would like the pattern for these sweaters let me know. "Sharon M.