Friday, January 23, 2009

I Wish I Could Count

I got close. Close to having sock #2 of the 100 Mile Socks ready for knit group. The heel flap was done. The heel turned. The first side of the gusset picked up.
Then kitting around, I came to the instep. It's a 48 stitch sock, so there should have been 24 stitches. Instead there were 28.

Shocked. I counted again. 28.

Unbelieving, I counted again. 28.

Ah, I thought. The error is probably in the heel flap. Instead of the 24 required, I probably short changed the heel flap and only put 20 stitches there. That would account for the 4 extra stitches in the instep. (And be an easy fix)

I counted the heel flap. 24.

One more time. 24.

As a last resort, I counted the 'very-easy-to-count-so-who-could-ever-make-a-mistake' 2x2 ribbing at the top of the sock. 52. Dang.

Count again, says I. You're tired. The light's not good here. Probably a miscount. 52. Double Dang.

So 'froggy went a courtin' and he did say' "Rip it."

January is always my month for mindless knitting. A reaction, as I posted earlier, to busy Decembers. But January is drawing to a close. Although the inspirational. and/or creativity gene hasn't kicked in yet, I can feel it coming Something big and wonderful is on my knitting horizon. I just know it. I can feel it in my fingers. My needles are twitching. But it will have to wait a while longer. I have sock #3 sock #2 to knit.


Anonymous said...

d'oh! don't you hate it when that happens? I once made a pair of socks (doing both socks sequentially on two sets of dps) and I couldn't figure out about six inches down the leg how come the one sock's self-striping sequence wasn't the same as the other. I was using one (100 g) skein of yarn that I'd wound into two equal balls. It took me that long to figure out I should check my stitch count. Sock #2 had 10 more stitches cast on than Sock #1. heh.

Sel and Poivre said...

I so feel your pain, and 'can relate to your sense of impending fabulousness on the knitting front - even as I once more repeat how I do love that red and grey together!