Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Our New President

A big day for inaugurations. Our new president's name is Joan. She is the newly-elected president of the Church ladies group I belong to. She took office today. Which, surely, must make me and the other ladies at today's meeting the only people on the planet to not have watched that other inauguration. There will be a re-run or ten thousand, I'm sure.

On the knitting front, the 100 Mile Socks, as I have now dubbed Barbara's socks, are at about mile 66, I would say. Sock number one is past the heel turn and gusset
and ready for Thursday and some group knitting.

Sock number two
has three more inches of leg knitting before the heel flap. Then a quick heel turn, a gusset and easily ready for Thursday's group knit. These socks have l-o-n-g legs. Barbara, a tall lady, requested knee socks. So 12 inch legs!!

The ribbing on these socks is 2x2 which morphs into a 3x1 leg. The 3x1 leg is a favourite sock leg of mine. It is much faster (at least for me) to knit than the 2x2 but stays up way better than plain stockinet.

Off I go to watch those re-runs. Maybe some of that positive presidential hopefulness will transfer itself to the 100 Mile Socks.


LaurieM said...

I like your spin on the inauguration. Our guild also had elections last night. :)

Sel and Poivre said...

Isn't it funny how knit projects, kind of like race horses, tend to develop "stable names" for daily use? BTW I love the combination of red and grey!