Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thursdays are For Knit Group And - When Does Survivor Start?

The first order of business today at knit group was to work on Barbara's socks. You might remember that just before Christmas, Barbara who along with her husband David owns
The 100 Mile Market, bartered two big boxes of yarn for a pair of hand knit socks.

But there was a slight hitch. The Briggs &Little yarn Barbara had reserved for the socks, fell apart in my hands. Moths had been at it! So Nicki came to the rescue with a donation of new (or at least newer) Briggs & Little Tuffy - in two colours no less.

Last week, Ingrid suggested that I should bring the socks to knit group so we could all work on them. They would then, really be 'from the group' and a great way to thank Barbara for all the yarn she gave us.

I simply started the socks at home and then gave them to Ingrid to be the first to work an inch or so.

And while Ingrid was working on 'the sock', Wilma was working on a vest.
Great cables and great colour, Wilma.

Nicki has these two 'honkin' big socks.

They are the pre-felted version of the Fibre Trends pattern (Scroll down to see pattern AC81) for felted slipper boots. HUGE! I can't wait to see how they turn out.

Bonnie has a pair of Newfie Mitts on the go. Her first.
She was inspired by Pat's pair last week.

And who do you think knit this Puss In Boots?
If you guessed Poetic Pat, you'd be right. Isn't he cute?

Time to go and knit my share of those socks.

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Vera said...

That is the cutest Puss'n Boots!! and those socks!! amazing.