Monday, January 26, 2009

Ici, Le 'Mo-Jo'

I think my knitting 'mo-jo' is coming back. Saturday, I was invited to tag along while a friend went to our 'almost-local' yarn store. Riverside Yarns in Owen Sound.

As silly, ridiculous, stupid, insane, dumb as it may be, this was my first visit to Riverside. What a lovely little store! Such a bright and cheerful place. And best 0f all for me - a great source of inspiration! Lots of great yarns to fondle, and lots of wonderful display garments on the shelves.

Emma, was in the store when we first arrived. So I met a long-time, virtual-friend and fellow blogger in person, for the first time. When I told Emma, that to date, I had resisted harming the environment by driving the 40 minutes to Riverside, she assured me that when buying or even looking at yarn, the 'gasoline fumes harm the environment theory' doesn't apply. That sure is great to know. :) :)

And of course, I couldn't leave empty handed. In the discount bin, I found a bag - 10 balls - of this yarn, priced at 50% off.

It is a lovely, Aran-weight wool & acrylic blend (I wasn't too pleased about the acrylic, but the colours won me over) in variegated tones of gold and green. I have 1000 metres. What shall I make? Perhaps this. Or maybe this. Or (pattern 82-3) this. No matter which pattern I finally select, the dreaming has begun. The lull is over, people. The mo-jo is back.


Anonymous said...

Riverside yarns is lovely! I have only been once but my mother goes when she and my father are up there in the summertime. I hope they stick around for a long time to come.

Sel and Poivre said...

I'll have to add Riverside to my in-car list of possible stops for when we're travelling around Ontario - and we are up that way every so often - thanks for the tip! 'Great news re the mojo!