Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thursdays Are For Knit Group. Survivor Starts In 2 weeks.

Wow! What a day we had at knit group. Barbara, or The 100 Mile Miss, as she was dubbed by Marie in a comment left here, got her socks. They fit!!! She loves them!!! Here she is with all the knitters that knit a round or two or encouraged from the sidelines.

And again with yours truly (and my new short! haircut).

Barbara stayed and studied the knitting projects.
Barbara, why not let the staff manage the market on Thursday afternoons? That way you could come to knit group.

Look at some of the knitting that caught her eye. Ingrid has another dress started. That's it laid across her waist. This portion is being knit up, and then she will reverse the process and knit down. Or is it the other way around? Either way, the ribbing will be around her waist.
What about the piece you are wearing today, Ingrid! An innovative piece with great buttons.

The machine Wilma knit a sweater and hat for a grand daughter. Brown was the requested colour, which makes it difficult to show off the lovely picot edge. Grandma hopes there will be a pink blouse underneath.

Poetic Pat finished the doll. You were right, Pat. She looks better with arms.
Sandra's scarf looks great. It wasn't long ago, that Sandra would not have tackled a colour change. Way to go, Sandra!

Marlene is 'cro-hooking' an afghan. Positioned perfectly here, to reveal how the colours reverse themselves on the other side.

Nicki made herself 'Newfie socks' with left-over sock yarn.

Joanne, the mitten maven has another pair on the go.
I love her mittens.

All fun stuff. But the laugh of the day went to Sharon for the fingerless mittens she made for her hubby, Bob.
Sharon, is there a reason Bob needs mitts with a middle finger so much longer than the others?

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