Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Duty. Are You Talking To Me?

Number 2 son, Peter, was up for a few days of skiing, last week. While here, he told me that he had LOST!!! the very warm Alpaca hat that I had knit him a few years back.

He suggested that I knit him another. I asked if he didn't still have the little black and red hat I had knit.
"Oh yes", he said. " But that is my truck hat. I keep it in the truck and if I'm cold while driving, I put on the little red and black hat."

"Well" I asked. " Don't you still have the brown and black hat I knit for you?" After all, my 'mo-jo' was returning and I wasn't sure I wanted to knit another hat. Especially a black one. Especially a black one of very fine gauge.

"Oh Yes", he said. " But it is a bigger stitch and therefore not so wind proof as the Alpaca hat. I walk to the studio and back each day and wear the very warm, cozy, wind-proof Alpaca hat for the walk." Sweet talker, eh?

Ok. Ok. So, I ordered some black, timiQuipa Sport Weight Alpaca from Grandriver Yarns. Darn, she's quick. The yarn is here. But so is my 'mo-jo'.

The Vienna sweater,
I have decided will be, with Elizabeth Zimmermann's help, a version of this and/or this. And I am thinking that I might do the 'plain-jane' back on the machine. Since my machine is languishing in my basement and should be used. I am excited. My 'mo-j0' is back and I can't wait to start. But Peter will be back up for more skiing next week. That means, I am sure, I can hear 'duty' talking to me.

Oh, well. It is wonderful that he wears what I knit for him. So a new Alpaca hat he will get. Knit with love and no bitching complaints.

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LaurieM said...

Could you work the hat on the machine and seam it?