Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Thorpe And Book Club

is finished.

She even has her hair done - in braids!
And just in time too. We are about to get some frigid temperatures.

So frigid, that even though I had no intentions of making Thorpe my hat, I think I will wear her to Book Club tonight. My walk is only about three blocks, but at minus the 'wrath of winter' I better wear a hat.

Book Club, you say? Yes, indeed, 'oh glee, oh glee', book club. It was hard, and took several years, but finally, I belong to a book club. For eons, I have wanted to belong to a book club; every time someone mentioned being a member of one, I would ask if I could join their club. The conversations went like this:

Me: You belong to a book club?
Member: Yea.
Me: Could I join your club?
Member: No.

One club restricted membership to 12. They had their 12 - and couldn't possibly squeeze in one more member. One club was a Mother-Daughter club. I have no daughter. One club was only for retired teachers from a certain college. And on it went. I began to think book clubs were elitist groups.

Then I moved to Thornbury and discovered Knit Group. One of the members mentioned belonging to a book club. She didn't know I had been turned down several times, so I asked.

Me: Could I join your book club?
Member: Oh, well, it's a pretty intellectual group.
Me: Oh
Member: Yea, we have a couple of retired university English profs and a high school English teacher.
Me: Oh
Member: Yea, the discussions get pretty deep.
Me: Scr@* You Oh.

So when I was in the local library one day and overheard the librarian talking about a book club, I barely had enough self confidence left to ask.
Me: (Timidly, in a small voice) Book Club? You have a book club here?
Librarian: Yes we do.
Me: Could I join your book club?
Librarian: Sure.

Peter,#2 son, when he heard I had finally been accepted into a book club, said " Gee, Mom. Do you really want to belong to a club that will have you as a member?" Funny. How did his generation hear of Groucho Marx?

So tonight is Book Club. Thorpe and I will attend, despite the weather, because January's book was MY selection - No Great Mischief by Alistair MacLeod - and tonight, I lead the discussion.

Take that you Full-Up, Mother- Daughter, Retired Co-workers' clubs.


Sel and Poivre said...

What is it with book clubs? After briefly belonging to a great club, we moved out of that area and so I started my own in the new neighbourhood. It was painful in the extreme - after 3 meetings I put the thing out of its misery. I doubt I'll ever try again. Good for you for sticking with it (and for even finding one in walking distance from your house! (Thorpe should come in handy tonight - brrrrr!)

LaurieM said...

Ha ha!! I'm glad you've got a book club to go to. I hope it meets your every expectation.

Anonymous said...

What is it with book clubs? I am a retired English teacher and I've never been able to get into one either. Great choice on your book. I love Macleod's writing. Your Thorpe looks good too. I have that pattern printed out, if I ever get to it.