Friday, January 16, 2009

Socks and Snow

Barbara's socks are moving along quickly.

My goal is to get both socks past the heel and gusset before next week's knit group. I mean, taking a turn with a round or two of knitting is one thing, but
"Here, turn the heel, please" is quite another. So I will do the heels and gussets and then take them in for a group session of foot knitting.

While I've worked on them, Fred has been outside shovelling snow. For hours. Poor man. This is what all that hard work looks like in our neighbourhood.
That's Fred in the red. Next door neighbour in the truck and next door-but-one in the purple snow suit. Yikes! I just realized our guy neighbour is wearing a purple snow suit. How very ??? ( What word would describe my guy neighbour in a purple snow suit?) of him!!

Much later the work continues.

Fred has just come in. His toes are cold! Ha!

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Anonymous said...


If you got Fred a snowblower he'd have something substantial to lean on.