Thursday, January 9, 2014

Thursdays are For Knit Group

Interesting things happened today at knit group.  Ann Marie Hadcock, a visual artist, came to speak to us about an exhibit she is preparing for the  Tom Tomson Gallery in Owen Sound. 
The exhibit, called The Homefront, will run   June  to September and according to the website, will focus on  the stories of the women left behind when the men went off to war...

More specifically, the exhibit will focus on the sock knitting done by the at-home women for  the overseas soldiers.    Ann Marie, looking for sock knitters came to knit group bringing with her  a vintage pattern and yarn.  Well, Ann Marie, you came to the right place.  We have lots of sock knitters.

There was other knitting too. Gail finished her first-ever felting project, the Bucket Hat from Chicknits.

 Such a gorgeous colour, Gail.  And that wasn't her only knit this week.  She also finished a pair of fingerless mitts.  Lots of knitting time when there is a two day storm.

Wilma finished the Hurdy Gurdy cardigan.  Another piece with gorgeous colours.

Lauren  arrived with some show and tell.   A great hat Lauren.

Knitting, visitors and 'knittin for Britain'.  A fun time.  Tune in next week to see how many socks have been knit on this homefront.

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Sandra said...

Those are some beautiful FOs! And what a great thing to do to help the exhibit!
Guess you wont be using any indie dyer yarns - betting on greys and browns and blacks...