Monday, January 6, 2014

The New Year Has Begun

2014!   How the heck did that happen?  It has come way too soon.  But since the new year is here, it is definitely time to review, renew, re-do  - and could I perhaps rewrite? -  the chapter that was 2013. 

My knitting, last year, suffered from a lack of inspiration completion on my part.  Many circumstances conspired to keep me from my needles. Partly, the pitifully low amount of knitting was due to  time spent with my Dad.  Partly it was time spent away from home on vacation, and partly it was good old laziness.  That makes goal number one for 2014 an obvious one;  Knit more.  Finish more.

To do that, I need goal # 2.  Get inspired.  And to do that, I turn to goal #3.  Go back to Elizabeth Zimmermann.  Going backwards to go forwards, it might seem.  But I think it will work.  I have three unfinished sweaters on my shelf right now. Patterns and designs from un-Elizabeth sources.  They are not working out.  They are not pleasing me.  They are not inspiring me.  They are not likely to get finished any time soon.  So back to basics for 2014.  

Stick with what Elizabeth has taught me.  Perhaps make her designs more my own, by adding what I think   makes the piece more a garment 'du jour', but the basics will be Elizabeth's.

To make matters worse, my lack of output seems magnified because sometime during 2013, the section of blogger that allows me  (well -  not me at the moment) to  upload data regarding finished objects, has failed to work for me.  Reading my list of FOs for 2013, you will see nothing has been posted there for months.  Goal #5 - fix that problem.

Thinking about it, I expect 2014 to be a great year.  More of the same, same which will be great. But also more of the different, different. The different, different  should enhance the same, same and won't that be great? 

Happy New Year and a wonderful year of yarny loveliness to you all.


Yarn and Ivories said...

Question. While you are fixing your FO blogger problem... Maybe you could write to me and tell me how you do it...? I do all of my items manually on a "page", called Finished. Now that I think of it, I really don't need another list on my blog. Very noble goals for 2014. Happy new knitting year!

Sandra said...

As far as your reasons for reduced knitting in 2013, I can't see a problem with them - all good reasons. Your Dad and family.
But I get it. I look back and think "what have I done?" I know I did a lot, but there's still so much more I want to do.
And good for you for going back to EZ - you are well suited to her way of thinking and knitting.

Jan said...

Happy New Year back at ya! Great goals for 2014.