Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Blizzard Warnings

The weather man on our local TV station boasts proudly, from time to time, about being 71 years old.  Last night he stated that never in all his years had he ever  heard of a 'blizzard' warning.  Storm warnings, flood warnings, wind, rain and snow warnings - yes.  But never a blizzard warning.   
That makes our current weather  an event of  a lifetime. 

We have temperatures of minus 20 Celsius.  We have a wind chill factor of minus 35.  We have warnings of exposed skin freezing within minutes. Every road in 4 counties is closed.  On the radio the list of closures was so long the announcer took a break (probably a bathroom break)  and directed listeners to get the rest of the list from the website.  The closure list included many firsts for my ears:  The mall, a funeral home with a funeral cancelled  (that makes for a great  family  story) Canadian Tire, hospitals, schools and stores. 

What we do have, amazingly enough, is hydro.  Not once over this long  season of storms have we lost hydro.  And so,  we are warm.  Today, I am baking


and weather watching.

Not a bad day for me at all.  For all others, stay warm.


Anonymous said...

It's not just in Canada! We had a blizzard on Sunday (I'm in north central Indiana, US) and got over a foot of snow. We had a low of negative 17 degrees F on Monday--currently we're at negative 3. Everything has been closed here since Sunday-schools, churches, businesses, etc. Our roads are still only cleared for emergency vehicles only. Honestly, I'm sort of loving it. Plenty of food in the house and heat and water. I love being able to just potter about without anyone asking me to take them anywhere! Enjoy your day.--Ann

Anonymous said...

I'm in New England and blizzards are upon us often. Right before the weekend we had about a foot. I love that weather, but shoveling it is not so pleasant. Wind chill today is way below zero F. But I prefer that to 95 F and humid in August!!!
Love the blog. I don;t comment all the time, but I visit via RSS feed.

Linda said...

Glad you're safe, warm and knitting and cooking!