Monday, January 13, 2014

Half Dressed

My Duct Tape Diva is half dressed.  The body of my latest sweater (Currently without a name but it is the  ripped Sweatrrr) has been pinned on  Diva and it looks good.

 It fits!  And the yarn combo - two strands of brown, tweed, lace-weight  held together with one stand of cream-coloured, multi-fibre, no name yarn -  all from stash, is working out just fine.

The final decision on this sweater to match the Scottish, pleated, wool skirt, was to knit one of Elizabeth Zimmermann's designs.  The tried and true after so any false starts with more current designs/ers.  In  particular, I am knititng Elizabeth's  circular yoke, with stranded colour design.  I am knitting it, just as Elizabeth would have done - bottom up.  Hence the fitting with Diva and not me,  as it needs straight pins to hold it in place,  to 'see' for sure if it fits.

The body, as seen in my photo, comes to just below the bust.  In those last couple of underbust  inches,  I intend to incorporate bust darts.  Vertical, bust darts, done by working an increase stitch either side of a centre bust stitch  on both the left and right sides.  There is already  waist shaping.  Coupling that  with bust darts  should give me the personnalized look I am after.  Needles crosssed, I hope.

In addition to the body, sleeve number one is complete and number two underway.  Soon it will be time to make final colour choices for the stranded colour work.  Then the fun begins.

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Jan said...

It is looking amazing!