Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Colour Work

Scottish Sweatrrr is almost finished.  Only two rows to go on the colour work pattern followed by neck shaping, steeking and button bands.  Yippee!

This colour work pattern is  from Elizabeth Zimmermann's Fair Isle Yoke Cardigan found in  The Opinionated Knitter amongst others.  The colour chart was hand drawn by Elizabeth,  and loathe as I am to say anything at all negative about Elizabeth or her designs, I will admit, this one was a bit difficult to decipher.  Her colour choices had limited contrast.  When she marked one symbol as light grey and the next as light blue - well - you can see how difficult that might be.

My colour selection is based on the colours in my Scottish skirt.  
 While my sweater colours match the skirt and are pleasing to my eye, their proportions are way out of whack compared to the skirt.  Aiming for identical twins, I seem to have ended up instead, with fraternal.  And, considering the length of time this sweater has taken from vision to completion, fraternal they will  remain.

As Charlie, my oldest son - the one who lives in isolated Northern Ontario once told me  - " I have learned to like what is available".  This completed sweater is available to me.  Therefore,  I like the colour work.


Sandra said...

pleasing to the eye trumps proportions anytime. You have to like what you are wearing, and this looks terrific.

Christine said...

I replied to your comment about the Indian Thumb on my blog! Just wanted to let you know that yes, you are absolutely right.

The trick of the Indian Thumb is that you take the gusset stitches out of the palm first, then add the stitches back into the palm as you increase. This means the gusset follows the entire "drumstick" of your thumb and makes for a great fit. There are no increases at all on the back of the hand. I could go on about that thumb style all day - I just love it!

Barb said...

Your sweater looks great & the colours are perfect.Your definitely a skirt kind of girl.Remember to twirl.