Monday, January 20, 2014

The More I Go Forward .....

My philosophy on any skills related activity is that the poorer the skills possessed, the better the tools required for the job.  That is why I buy the best skis, the best knitting needles, the best pots & pans I can afford.

And still sometimes, I flounder.  Take at look at Scottish Sweatrrr.  Remember Friday's post? I was looking forward to joining sleeves to body and starting colour work?  I'm still there. 
Or rather,I'm back there.

Sweatrrr was joined, the couple of inches of plain yoke knit, the bust darts incorporated (they looked good too, I might add)  and the colour work about to begin, when I noticed something was a bit off.  The centre front was off.  Off centre that is.
 Instead of this,

It was more like this -
It was more of a side centre. How the heck?  Seems I can no longer count.

I am the last knitter to rip and the first to advise that any and all   almost any and all mistakes can be corrected without ripping.  Not this mistake though.  I would have had to walk sideways through each wearing, to maybe, possibly, but even then, not probably,  carry it  off.  So rip  it was.

The  bright side - there must be one - is another day to contemplate colour placement.

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Sandra said...

I miscount way more times that I am willing to admit - you are not alone!