Thursday, January 2, 2014

Thursdays Are For knit Group

Today's theme was 'warm'.  That is - keeping warm,  despite the temperature  of minus 19   that accompanied me on my drive to the library for today's first knit group of 2014.  Lucky for us, we are knitters and we  like wool.

Wilma was warm, wearing her Nimbus.
Knit with bulky Peruvia Quick, it is not a 'new' knit but a great warm piece to wear on a day like today.  On her needles is this cute and colourful baby cardigan from the Baby 'V' book.

Sharon wore her freshly-finished Wingspan. 
A warm layer of wool across her shoulders. 

Nan explains to Gail that she designed and knit two lovely cowls.

Picot edging and great stranded knitting. 
A very pretty way to keep winter's  winds from blowing down the front of your coat.

Megan is working on  a crocheted baby blanket. 
Megan is not expecting, nor is she expecting to be expecting.  This is for the baby shower box.  For the non-knitters amongst you, a baby shower box is a box filled with hand knit baby items.  You know,  for times when the  number of days between invitation and shower don't allow as many hours as a  knitter needs.

And who knew that keeping warm in our hand knits could produce so much humour.  But Jean's hat had us all laughing.    When she laid it on the table,
 I thought she had completed another baby sweater.  Albeit one  with a very, narrow, neck opening and strangely-shaped sleeves.  Before I could meniton these pecularities, Jean  put the sweater  hat on her head.  She modelled it with  sleeves to the front,

to the side

and tied up
- her preferred style. 

The room was warm, we fingered wool for a couple of hours and we laughed.   A great way to start the year.


Sigrun said...

I so vicarously enjoy your knit group. My group is over 50 miles away, and most of the time when I go the city I have a gazillion things to do and can't spare the time. And besides, the weather has been not great for driving, so I'm not likely to travel unless it's a real necessity.

Linda said...

What a great, inspiring group of knitters you belong to: thank you for the wonderful photos and for sharing the conviviality of those Thursday meetings, in all weather.

Anonymous said...

I vicariously enjoy your knitting group too and look forward to reading about it each Thursday. I have wanted to knit Nimbus for ages; it might get bumped up in my queue after seeing Wilma's. Thanks so much for sharing your group with us!


freshisle said...

I agree! They always have so many lovely projects.
Hope you had a nice holiday.

Christy J said...

Be glad you only summer up north. We hit a record -42 C this morning with wind chill of -51. I went out for my hair appointment anyway - just wore lots of warm woollies!

Yarn and Ivories said...

I love Jean's sweater/hat! Where can I find a pattern?