Thursday, January 16, 2014

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

Needles met techno today at knit group.

First up we had Ingrid with her dog coats.  She'd had a request!  This one is for the 'large' dog.

This one for the 'medium' dog.

And this one, underway,  is in bright colours for the 'little' dog.

 The dog coats were fun, but Ingrid's shawl is gorgeous.  This yarn, cashmere from Africa, was a gift from her boyfriend.  That man knows the way to a knitters heart.

Sharon finished her Banana Republic knock-off hat. 

I like the band.  It overlaps and is closed with a button. Perfect way to knit a one-size-fits-many hat.

And then there were the techno bits.  Not long ago, Nan started a Meaford Knits group on ravelry.   With ravelry skills amongst our knitters, ranging from none to many, we decided to hold a ravelry day at knit group.  Those of us who spend way too much time on ravelry did our best to draw the rest of the knitters into the web.  Lots was learned.   A good thing too as the internet plays such an extensive role in knitting today.

Now if someone could just figure out a way to knit while playing on line - that would be  helpful.

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