Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Mailman Rocks

Always a great day when the mailman brings goodies and today was no exception.   A few days ago, I spotted a new pattern on one of my favourite blogs.  A pattern for mittens with a curling theme.

 How cool! 

Purely as a spectator, I love curling.  But I have a neighbour who not only loves to watch the game, but plays too.  She came immediately to mind when I saw the pattern.  I intend to surprise her with these mittens. 

The pattern is a new one from  my cyber-friend Marian.  She is a  schoolteacher, yarn dyer, knitter, knitwear designer, etc., etc. who lives on Manitoulin Island, one of the world's most magical places.  You can see her work here   here or here.

Now, my goal is to finish the Scottish Kilt Sweaterrr in time to do the mittens before I start my Olympic Project.  Three weeks. 

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