Thursday, March 31, 2011

At Knit Group This thursday

They missed me.   Or at least that's the impression they kindly gave me.  And I missed them, having been in Ottawa last week.  Wow!  Lots of projects get started and finished  in two weeks.

Remember Nicki's Noro Entrelac Scarf

It's finished and gorgeous it is.  
What a great job Nicki does on these small, fiddly (my word, not hers) projects. 

Sharon has started a scarf with Fushia, Baby Bamboo.

A scarf is the perfect  project for that yarn.  Baby bamboo has lots of drape that can easily stretch an adult-sized  garment into the next dimension.  Ask Gail.  She will tell you all about it.  But it's the perfect yarn for a scarf.

Wilma finished a purple peaked cap and started a pink one. Her grand daughters are going to love these.

This one is cool construction.  Simply cast on the required stitches, knit 2x2 ribbing for 2 inches, then knit the  cast on row together with  the current row.  Insert a plastic visor then carry on and knit a hat.   The curved shape of the visor stretches the knitting and speaks to the adaptable nature of hand knits.  In the back of the hat, it's  normal  ribbing.  In the front it's a peak.  Simply because the plastic visor stretches  it that way. 

Doreen tells me while out shopping she was approached by a person she didn't know but who called her by name.  Doreen asked " Do I know you?"  The person replied, "No, but I know you because I see you on the blog."   Knitters, come to Meaford's Thursday Knit Group and you too could be famous.  Or at least recognized on the main street of Meaford. 

Doreen followed that story with another.  She tells me her family thinks she has quit  knit group because they hadn't seen her picture recently. So,  for Doreen's family , flung far and wide, I do believe, h-e-r-e-'s Mom,  Grandma and Great Grandma.  She fussed with her hair while I adjusted the camera.  Looks good doesn't she?
And below, she struggles still with that darn curly scarf.  Nothing was going well for Doreen today.  She started and stopped four projects by my count.

Gloria is knitting her husband a sweater.  I've met her husband and tiny he is not.  This project is love and devotion through knitting, I'd say. 

Pat has the beginnings of her latest project.  Since the last I heard, she was about to re-create  Willam and Kate's wedding party through yarn, I asked her which member of the Royal Family this was?


Gloria, a Brit herself, thought Charles. Nasty Knitter.  

Ottawa was great and a nice post-winter get-away, but you can't beat a Thursday afternoon in Meaford with this group of knitters.

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Joansie said...

You have a group of very talented women!