Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bowling Or Knitting?

My next 'boiling potatoes' project is a afghan for our new chesterfield & chair combo in the TV room.  Unlike my regular knitting which I keep beside my favourite TV-watching chair, my 'boiling potatoes' knitting, I keep in the living room.  Closer to the kitchen.  While I wait for the potatoes to boil, or the bread to rise, I run in and kit a row or two. 

The afghan I plan to knit is  based on a Patons pattern.  Stockinet stitch, knit holding together four strands of chunky yarn  and using big needles.  A simple pattern whose 'wow' factor depends  on colour selection.

I have chosen Cascade Eco Yarn in four different colours.
Eco comes in  'honkin' big 400 + meter skeins.  Skeins so big that I decided there was no way I could wind this on my ball winder without cutting the yarn in more than a few places.  Hating the though of  those cuts and their resulting  knots, I chose to hand wind.

It took me and my chair 20 minutes per skein.  The balls are as big as bowling balls.  Not those wimpy Canadian 5 pin balls either, but the BIG 10 pin-ners more common to the  USA.

 For reference,  that's a grapefruit  beside the ball of yarn.   I think I've just discovered a new training tool for junior bowlers.

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Laurie said...

This is going to be one amazing afghan - I LOVE Eco+. Knit a sweater out of it this winter and am so pleased with it.