Friday, March 11, 2011

Brier Knitting

With the Brier on this week, I've placed knitting projects in both TV rooms. Socks in the living room and my Noro vest in the 'wrecked' room.

Both are knitting up quickly.  This second sock was started last Saturday and is ready for toes tonight - the first Brier playoff game.
Hopefully I can split my attention between curling and knitting and keep those toes heading straight.

This sock pattern knits up so quickly.  One would think stockinet would be faster but anytime there is row counting involved, the knitting seems to fly.  This pattern,  Chevron Lace,   from Need A Sock? is a four-row pattern but rows two and four are simply knit rows.   In order to always know what row I'm on when I pick up my knitting,  I discipline myself to not put the sock down until I've completed the four row pattern.   Hmmm.  Maybe a little discipline would speed up my other projects. 

The Noro vest has similar attributes.
A ten-row pattern with cabling on three of the ten.  The plain rows are boring so I rush through them to get to the interesting ones.  The colours in this vest are wonderful.  Brilliant one might say.  So brilliant that it will be best to  stay out of the sun unless I want to blind those around me.  It should brighten some dark winter days.
Now, should I knit on them over the weekend, or start something new?


freshisle said...

Very nice and bright for these winter days. Love the vest especially.

Anonymous said...

That vest is gorgeous! Have a great time with the Brier.

Laurie said...

I love all the great colors in your projects and really like the vest pattern with the seed stitch.