Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Weekend Hat

Matching hat and  mittens are a great combo  - especially when there is leftover yarn.

Christie's mittens received a rave review from her and a grinning, nodding head when  asked if she would like a hat to match.   Not a Felted Bucket Hat (scroll way down) like her sister's but something all her own.  I had thought of letting her peruse my patterns the next time she visited but knowing how confusing that can be for non-knitters, I decided to take up needles and wool this weekend and knit her a hat while watching the Brier.

This Basic Pillbox pattern is from Cabin Fever's Need A Hat? book.
I used the same yarn  - Rejuvenation -  and colour combo  - blue and black - as in Christie's mittens.  

Being the smart, insightful knitter that I am,  too smart for my own good,  I decided that the adult 'small' would be too small, the adult 'medium' too big.  Knowing that all the patterns in this book are based on stitch counts that are a multiple of eight, I added eight stitches to the adult 'small' size, to give a size between adult small and medium.  And of course, it's too big.  About eight stitches too big.   A nice felting is now in order.

This is a quick knit.  Great pattern.  Fun results.  Perfect weekend knitting. I'm hoping for a big smile when this is delivered. 


Laurie said...

Great pattern! I'm looking forward to seeing it felted. :-)

Gisella said...

Brilliant pattern and great hat!
Is it really too big? I think that slightly bigger is better because it might keep your ears warm and not just the top of your head.
I love those black stripes. They're not applied icord, are they? More curled stockinette edges? Intriguing!